96. South Mine Headframes 1919/1932

South Mine Headframes.png

The larger and riveted steel headframe over No. 7 Shaft was the first steel headframe in Broken Hill. It was completed in 1932 using surplus steel from the Sydney Harbour Bridge.  

To the north of the shaft is a concrete crushing station. The smaller oregon wood headframe was erected in 1919 over No. 4 Shaft. The original small electric winding engine survives in a timber and iron building adjacent to the shaft.  

No.7 Shaft has six compartments including two with cages and two with skips. Haulage was made by ceased operations.  

The South Mine closed in the same year with the loss of 658 jobs after producing nearly 20 million tons of ore valued at $300 million and paying $65 million in dividends.

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