51. Imperial Hotel - 1888

Imperial Hotel.png

The Imperial Hotel was built in 1888, and the first licensee, William Farmer, held the license there from 1900 until 1914. The Imperial is one of the most iconic buildings in Broken Hill, built in the height of the town’s mining boom, it quickly became a hub of social activity for the community. 

The hotel was originally built as luxury accommodation for wealthy mining executives, with a ballroom, billiard room and opulent guest rooms but over time it began to cater for a wider clientele, including miners and their families, who would come to the hotel for Sunday lunches and other events.  

The hotel has undergone many changes over the years, including major renovations in the 1920s, which added a new wing to the building. A more recent refurbishment has restored the hotel’s original features and added modern amenities. The building is still reminiscent of the high quality woodwork and cast iron lacework of the era.  

Today the Imperial Hotel is still a popular destination for visitors to Broken Hill, offering comfortable accommodation, dining and entertainment in a beautiful historic setting.  

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