101. Railwaytown Post Office - 1925

Railwaytown Post Office.png

The original Railwaytown Post Office was built in 1900, opposite the Gasworks Hotel (see Trail No 111).  

This brick building was erected in 1925. Together with the hall and the row of verandahed shops on the opposite corner, it became the heart of Railwaytown. 

The new, brick Railwaytown Post Office was built adjacent to the Burke Ward Hall and opened June 29th, 1925. The Barrier Miner carried a story on June 20th announcing that it would soon be open to the public and offering ‘several new features’, including: The provision of private boxes, obtained when 10 applications are received. At present the only private boxes are at the Central Post Office. Mails which closed at 7.30 a.m. in the old building, will now close at 8 a.m. The letter receiver at the Burke Ward Hall will he removed to the southern corner of Merbury and Bismuth streets, and the telephone cabinet at the Post Office on the opposite corner will remain in its present situation until the old building is renovated.

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