63. South Australian Brewery - 1893

South Australian Brewery.png

This brewery was established in Broken Hill in 1893 and was a joint venture between the South Australian Brewing Company and NSW brewing firm Tooth & Co. 

The brewery complex consisted of a stone brewing tower, which has since been reduced in height, a malthouse, two large basement fermentation areas below a large stone bottling and storage building. The complex was originally designed to also accommodate offices and stables.  

Four other breweries originally operated in Broken Hill: Waverly (1888), West End (1889), Burtons (1893) and Shelleys (1895).  

The SA Brewery produced Broken Hill Ale, Broken Hill Lager and Broken Hill Stout. It was the last Broken Hill brewery to close, due to competition from larger breweries and also the introduction, in the 1920s, of prohibition in some states. The building became a distribution centre in 1926, and was briefly owned by Tooheys.  

The site has been used for a range of purposes since:  a hospital during WWII; a storage facility for the mines and was owned by the Thankakali Aboriginal Corporation in the 2000s. 

The site is now privately owned.  

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