33. White Rocks Reserve

White Rocks Reserve.png

This Reserve is named for an outcrop of white quartz rock that provided cover for two gunmen in January 1915. The incident is now known as The Battle of Broken Hill, and has been referred to as the only attack to take place on Australian soil during World War I.  

The attackers, Mullah Abdullah a cameleer and halal butcher, and Gool Badsha Mahomed, an ice cream seller, ambushed a train (at Trail No.107) carrying civilians en route to an annual picnic in nearby Silverton. The attack claimed four lives. 

After the picnic train attack the two men escaped to the White Rocks Reserve but were quickly surrounded by an attacking party: a posse of Broken Hill police, civilians and rifle club members. After a three-hour long exchange of fire, one ambusher was killed and the other later died later of his injuries. 

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