National Heritage Listing

Black and White photo shopwing Broken Hill Mullock Heap with Main Street and Zpalace Hotel int he foreground

On Tuesday 20 January 2015 the then Minister for the Environment, the Hon Greg Hunt MP,  entered Broken Hill in the National Heritage List.

Broken Hill joined 106 other places of outstanding value to the nation on the list including iconic landmarks such as Bondi Beach, Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, and the Great Barrier Reef.

National Significance

The City of Broken Hill has outstanding significance to the nation for its role in creating enormous wealth; for its long, enduring and continuing mining operations; and the community’s deep and shared connection with Broken Hill as the isolated city in the desert, its outback landscape, the planned design and landscaping of the town, the regeneration areas and particularly the physical reminders of its mining origins such as the Line of Lode, the barren mullock heaps, tailings, skimps and slagheap escarpment and relict structures.

It exhibits historic qualities in its ongoing mining operations since 1883, the current and relict mining infrastructure, and its landscape setting.

It is significant for its industrial past and the adoption of vanguard industrial relations and management policies, together with its role as a pioneer in setting occupational health and safety standards.

Items of state and local significance

There are over 380 individual items of significance in Broken Hill.

For a thorough listing, including details of individual items, visit the NSW Heritage App below, select Broken Hill in the Local Government Area under basic search criteria and click search.