84. Gladstone Hotel - 1888

Gladstone Hotel.png

This hotel, named after William Ewart Gladstone, opened in 1888. Gladstone was a British politician and Prime Minister during the mid-nineteenth century. The first licensee at the Gladstone, Michael Kelly, held the license until 1900. 

 In 1913 the then licencee Charles Callaghan and others were returning by buggy from a picnic at Umberumberka which was hosted by the Broken Hill City Council. He suffered a badly broken leg and was incapacitated for some time. In 1917 he slipped in a passage at the Tattersalls Hotel and broke the same leg. Chalky bones or like a drink? 

Gladstone Hotel was de-licensed in 1924 along with a number of other Broken Hill hotels. It was used as a residence for some years before opening as a museum. It has now reverted to a private residence.

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