16. Railway Station - 1957

Railway Station.png

The ‘new’ railway station on Crystal Street was opened in 1957 by innovative Labor politician Ernie Weatherall, who held ministries for Education, Transport and Conservation. 

At the time of building, Broken Hill’s new station was the largest and most expensive outside Sydney Central Station. The building is an example of the new ‘modern approach’ to railway architecture and, since few sites of this scale were constructed at this time, it is also a rare project. The capital investment in the station buildings reflects the political needs of the time, the post-war boom, and the national importance of mining revenue being generated in Broken Hill. It is an excellent example of post war international architectural style.  Until its cessation in November 1989, Broken Hill was the terminus for the Silver City   Comet from Parkes. It was also the terminus for Australian National's Silver City Limited from Adelaide from December 1986 until 1990.

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