81. Bells Milk Bar – 1956

Bells Milk Bar.png

Bells Milk Bar was built originally as a small timber confectionary store in 1892. 

The building was redeveloped in 1938 to become the first Bells Milk Bar, founded by Harold Bell. It quickly became a popular destination. 

In 1956, the façade was reconstructed, which is what you can see today. It was stylistically ahead of its time for Broken Hill.  

Bells Milk Bar is still hugely popular, and now known for its retro flair and for being a museum of classic 1950s culture. The interior of Bells has featured in films and television programs.  

Bells’ menu too has retro style, and includes good old-fashioned milkshakes, ice-cream sundaes and sodas-all made from the original Bells recipes.

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