74. Former Central Mine Manger’s Residence (now St Ann’s Nursing Home)

Former Central Mine Managers Residence.png

Known as the ‘Big House’ this historic private home was originally the Central Mine Manager’s residence. Built c1903, it was originally occupied by James Hebbard, who was appointed Mine Manager in the same year. Hebbard was a mining engineer with a talent for management and was highly regarded by his colleagues and his employees for improving both productivity and workers’ safety. 

The building is Federation-Edwardian and has encircling verandahs, a turret and gardens. The interior retains many original features, including patterned tiles, pressed ceilings, and stained glass windows.  

From c1940 until c1984, the residence became the site of St Ann’s Home of Compassion, an Orphanage of the Sisters of Compassion. Over this period, two-storey dormitory wings were added.  

After a period of uncertainty, during which time the building was proposed for demolition, it won a conservation order and was upgraded in 2007 as part of the St Ann’s Nursing Home complex. The complex is now operated by the Broken Hill Knights of the Southern Cross. 

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