117. Rising Sun Hotel - 1888

Rising Sun Hotel.png

The Rising Sun Hotel was established in 1888. 

From 1882 the hotel building accommodated the Silverton Tramway Company Ltd Union office. The Silverton Tramway Company [STC] provided the 58km railway line that ran between Cockburn on the South Australian border and Broken Hill. It operated between 1888 – 1970. The Company transported all ore from the Broken Hill mines to the seaside port of Port Pirie and was the link to the South Australian railway line for passenger movement and freight delivery to the city. Largely serving the mining industry.   

In November 1893, the Barrier Miner reported that a man, alias ‘Bryan’, gave the licensee of the Rising Sun Hotel, John Neil, a valueless cheque for more than £3. It transpired that ‘Bryan’ had a racket going and had tried the same thing at other hotels in Broken Hill. 

The Rising Sun was the setting for another incident reported by Miner in 1936, when then-licensee John Crosby was charged with ‘allowing unauthorised persons to be on his premises during prohibited hours’. There was no conviction, because Crosby told the magistrate that the men were on the hotel premises for a cricket meeting.    

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