Mutawintji Historic Site

, Mutawintji, 2880

If the spectacular landscape of Mutawintji doesn't take your breath away, then the Aboriginal art at Mutawintji Historic Site surely will. This wonderful area within Mutawintji National Park boasts one of the best collections of Aboriginal art in New South Wales. 

You can only visit this special park by taking a guided tour with Mutawintji Heritage Tours. Set off on a two-four hour walk, discovering the site's history and culture, beginning with an audio-visual display and continuing through the ancient landscapes. Parts of the walk up to the site are challenging, but you'll be so busy admiring the outstanding scenery, you probably won't notice.

At every turn, the ancient wonders of Mutawintji reveal themselves. You'll see Aboriginal rock engravings and ochre stencils. Down on the flat plains you'll spot the remains of fireplaces, stone flakes and grinding stones. Kids and adults alike will enjoy listening to Aboriginal guides share their Dreamtime stories.

If you'd like to stay in the area you can book a campsite at Homestead Creek campground and enjoy the serenity of the Australian outback. Savour uninterrupted sunrises, sunsets and the mesmerising brightness of the outback stars.


  • Non Smoking


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